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Welcome to Uzuri Greek!

Our website offers apparel items created especially for your organization including schools, clubs, the divine nine-sororities and fraternities, and churches.

We offer in-stock or custom items for all organization including class re-union. We have rhinestones designs, silk-screening and embroidery work. Uzuri Greek can also help your organization create fund-raising offers that will get your members excited and vested in the cause. Working with schools to create a spirit program continues to align with our mission to give back to the community


To ensure that we offer our customers quality product at affordable prices.  


Melissa Perkins (Co-owner)

Blanche Perkins (Co-owner)

Bill Fields (Senior Accounts Sales)

Adria Fields (Co-Owner. Legal & PR)

Freddie Johnson (Legal)

Stephanie Lewis (Custom Relation & Set Layout)

Arthur Perkins (Artist)

Dennis Ginther (Engineer)

Raven William (Social Media)

William (Web Media & Artist)

Tyler (Trade Show Sales & Community Involvement)


Our team is committed to providing quality products with superior custom service. A team member can be contacted: 614-440-4601 or email us@






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  • AKA Bomber Jacket - Reversible
    AKA Bomber Jacket - Reversible AKA Bomber Jacket - Reversible
  • AKA Jacket Camo Half Windbreaker
    AKA Jacket Camo Half Windbreaker
  • AKA High Low Dress
    AKA High Low Dress